Attorney tales: Meet Jessica Taylor Levine

I’m Jessica Taylor Levine. I had been born and elevated in Miami, Florida. I’ve got a deep passion for the sea, so much in fact, which i remained in Miami for school and attended the College of Miami where I studied journalism, philosophy, and British literature.

While attending the College of Miami, Used to do a lot of surfing, I trained spin classes, I rocked rose, and ran just about every day. Running is really a passion of mine and my Pharaoh Hound, Tut, usually ran beside me.

After graduation, I understood which i desired to continue my education and desired to still write (that is that which you spend much of your time doing when studying journalism, philosophy, and literature).

At that time within my existence, my loved ones had gone to live in Nashville, departing me behind in Miami. I spent the following 2 yrs after college working, saving for graduate school. There is just one school I needed to go to, Savannah College of Art and style. After 2 yrs of saving, lots of studying for that GRE, and compiling my writing portfolio, I sent just one application to some graduate school, SCAD. I discovered I had been recognized on my small birthday. Right after that, I packed up myself, my apartment, and, obviously, Tut, and gone to live in downtown Savannah, Georgia. Residing in Savannah was wonderful. You exit from the highway, enter downtown, and out of the blue the roads are paved in brick and also the houses are two centuries old. The Spanish Moss overwhelms your beauty and feeling of history in indisputable. And so the first day’s Graduate School showed up.

SCAD is extremely selective. I had been maybe 20 in the applicants recognized in to the graduate program that year. The expected workload was callous. Actually, SCAD doesn’t hold classes on Fridays, departing their structures open 24 hrs, expecting that students will need 3 day weekends just to maintain – so we did.

After the first year like a graduate student at SCAD, you’re subjected to an evaluation process. You need to assemble your thesis advisors, come up with a portfolio exemplifying your improvement, and write an essay, the subject being your main guidance – Talk about something which affects your field.

Well, I had been a non-fiction author. I had been midway through my thesis, a non-fiction novel (magic by itself thinking about you’ve five years following the completing your course try to finish your thesis). The intentionally open-ended subject left me not able to rest. At some stage in the midnight, when i sitting mindlessly watching television, I researched, there would be a 20/20 episode about some pornographer. He had been interviewed and, as it turned out, he wasn’t speaking about porn, he was speaking concerning the First Amendment. Initially, I couldn’t result in the connection.

Like lots of people, the very first Amendment have been this general concept of freedom to state when i pleased, speak my thoughts, say FU to censorship, you realize, the stuff in movies. But, the conclusion this man appeared to teach me more in five minutes concerning the First Amendment than anybody ever endured helped me understand that the very first Amendment wasn’t only was that the subject of my midterm review essay, it was subsequently an immediate passion.

From there forward, after passing my midterm review, I put myself into studying every facet of the very first Amendment. I purchased legal textbooks about obscenity, flag burning, protesting, separation of church and condition, the Southern Poverty Law Center. I purchased and browse books which had, at some point been the topic of censorship, books which had sparked great First Amendment debates, and that i started following a number of this country’s leading First Amendment scholars, studying their essays. I had been hooked. Oddly, though, through all of this, I’d never considered likely to school.

So eventually, a couple of buddies were over, and that i was letting them know how upset I had been about this day’s occasions. Certainly one of my professors had nicely requested/required which i expand my mid-term essay right into a real thesis. I needed to complete my book! But, it sometimes takes another person searching directly into see exactly what the truth was. My buddies searched, there were law books everywhere, and one of these simply stated, as though it absolutely was confirmed all along, “Well then perhaps you should do this after which go to school.Inches

I really didn’t provide another thought. The following day I told my professor I’d write my thesis together with her recommended subject and i also would finish inside the year since i would school. I googled school needs, agreed to go ahead and take LSAT, purchased a book on law schools, and Mercer College was listed as getting the main legal writing program in the united states. I required my LSATs, finished my thesis, graduated with honors, and it was recognized into school at Mercer College. It had been a whirlwind of the year. There wasn’t any time for you to think hard or think back. I merely graduated, packed, moved, and not much later was relaxing in School orientation.

School at Mercer was amazing. It had been like getting a built-in community. I’d professors that permitted me to complete independent studies to carry on to understand and explore the very first Amendment. I’d my selection of a lot of Constitutional Law electives. I spent time between staring at the Metabolic rate and Divorce. Why Divorce? Because that’s been an issue crucial in my experience since i viewed my parents undergo a 2-year divorce also it appeared such as the lawyers weren’t searching out for which was best for your loved ones, the kids, me and my buddy. I wondered basically may be the type of divorce attorney who broke that mold and disproved the stereotype from the divorce lawyer everyone knows too well.

After I finished school, I required the GA bar, fully planning to return to Savannah, encircled through the historic scenery I loved, and, importantly, near to the beach. But, prior to the results had even are available in (I passed, incidentally), my loved ones had convinced me that the decade was lengthy enough, they wanted me near them, and so i packed up everything and gone to live in Nashville and started studying for that TN bar. I required the TN bar in Feb and, as i was on holiday going to a friend as a birthday gift, my mother known as to inform me I’d passed the TN bar. It had been a great day.

Inside a month I’d made the decision to spread out up my very own little practice, and transpire ended up being to be capable of help families dealing with divorce and child child custody issues. I usually place the good-being from the children involved first and help remind my clients of this fact. It isn’t always a simple job. Actually, I’m still getting difficulty not receiving mounted on my clients as well as their children. But, I’d prefer to be passionate than apathetic.

Practicing divorce means that you will always be coping with people in their most vulnerable. The instances I handle have to do with families and fogeys and grandma and grandpa and also the children they love most on the planet. Will it be emotionally exhausting? Yes. Exist days after i am so exhausted I simply sit in pajamas and work at home? Absolutely. However I wouldn’t trade the endless hrs of labor, my clients, or my project for anything. I really like things i do.

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